This page is to help the web site get the maps that you're playing on.

Note: It will not work if you're playing a game with the Kabam ID or if your game has been linked to your game center id. Only works if you're playing as guest. You can go to the 'settings' page of the game to check if you have a Kabam ID or game center id. Uninstall and install the game again to start from scratch without the IDs.

Here are some instructions for going back to your guest account without losing the progress in the Kabam account.
You also can get a friend who is not playing the game to play on your map once and get their phone's ID details.

Your details will not be used for any purpose other than viewing the map.

1. Get your phone/device's ID...
iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. Android.
Go to 'Settings', 'General', 'About', and type in your Wi-Fi address.
Go to 'Settings', 'About phone', 'Status', 'Additional Status Info' and type in your IMEI number to the below box.
Your IMEI or Wi-Fi Address:

2. When do you play the game? The website will not use your ID to map the server when you're playing.

Hour when you start playing: ( hour in GMT time)
Hour when you stop playing: ( hour in GMT time)

The server may log you out or you may log the server out if you're both viewing the map at the same time, specify the times when you will be playing the game. It may take an hour or more to update the map after you have entered the id.

Optional: The UDID + openUDID are used in the game but they don't seem to be necessary for the purpose of viewing maps.
iOS: Device ID app to get the UDID + openUDID.
Open UDID:

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